& inspire you to shine your own unique light


here to assist you on your soul's journey

Hello, angel!

I'm Hummingbird,

here to assist you on your soul's journey

& inspire you to shine your own unique light


I'm an astrologer, spiritual educator, channel, healer & activist. My mission is to bridge the worlds of ascension and activism. My work is all about breaking binaries, embracing the shadow, & working with the powerful human capacity to choose. I believe we are all capable of manifesting beauty, love and the lives we've always dreamed of.

but the universe is no fool...

and we're all being called to step into our power like never before. We each have a role to play in the coming transformation.

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feelin me?

If we avoid that reality - hoping to find a spiritual bypass into the land of love & light without facing the darkness that surrounds us - we'll never feel satisfied no matter what we manifest. But, when we embrace our soul's calling, we can create a life that goes beyond our wildest dreams. Our ancestors, spirit guides and even the Earth herself

are here to support us.

We live in apocalyptic times,

This video introduces my work, specifically around the Pluto Return of the USA and bridging the worlds of ascension & activism.

...or, you're invited to explore my work and perspectives on the rest of the website!

I am so, so grateful that we're all in this together.



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