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The stars tell us that we are nearing the end of a collective free-fall.

Can you feel the wings peeking out beneath your shoulder-blades?

Are you ready to fly?

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Today's astrology validates something we are already feeling, but often rationalize away: that we are living in truly revolutionary times. There is incredible potential for transformation over the next several years, especially here on Turtle Island. Yet there is also potential for destruction, for violence, for an even more heartbreaking manifestation of our shadow. 

This ebook offers an astrological overview of our current moment, a map to help us locate ourselves on the spacetime continuum and tap into longer-term cosmic cycles. Whether you "believe" in astrology or not, it's my hope that this analysis gives you some ideas to play with, and maybe even anchor into, as we move through these uncertain times.

We are all in this together. We each have a role to play in our societal metamorphosis. Our wings have been folded for a long time. The moment to open is now.


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