//art model

I am a freelance model based in Blacksburg, VA. I am a relative newcomer to the world of modeling - I started in June of 2017.  From the beginning, it has felt like the modality of self-expression I was meant for. I have discovered it to be a potent art form with a lot of unexplored territory, and I hope the work you see here is just the beginning.

I like to think I have a unique approach to life. My education  combines a degree in politics with eight years of intense spiritual study & mind/body practice. I also have training and experience in such diverse areas as neuroscience, yoga, tantra, journalism, dance, gymnastics, astrology and activism. I know how to go with the flow, awaken the human spirit, and let the magic happen. If you're looking for a creative spark, I'm your gal.



"It is the job of art to bring true feelings alive; to shock people into awareness." - Michael Crichton 


Above all else, I hope to use my modeling work to speak to the issues of our times. In American society and throughout the world, we are living through a great upheaval. A lot of darkness is surfacing from the collective unconscious, and must be faced head-on in order to be healed. At the same time, we are arriving at new levels of awareness, unity, love, and joy. My imagery is intended to help bring the dark out into the light, and to remind us that we are all connected.

See my artist manifesto here, and a more extended bio here.