// artist manifesto

In my opinion, art should serve three main purposes.

  • One is a blossoming--the pure creative expression of a unique human being, which could never manifest through another.
  • The second is to make people feel--and through that, make them feel the truth that they are not alone.
  • The third is to tell a story, to leave a record in space and time of one piece of the infinitely variable tale of humanity. 
This is art that I make with my body, my mind, and my heart (and the help of incredibly talented photographers.) It is my story, with all its edginess, heartbreak, truth and joy. I invite you to view it through the lens of the purposes I described, and to use it as a mirror for your own self-awareness. I am just at the very beginning, and I welcome feedback, but I request non-judgement. We each have our own path.
In gratitude,
Hummingbird Star
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