"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." 

-George Orwell

resources for self-re-education


Most of us who were educated in America's public school system - and especially those of us who are white - grew up with a very inaccurate, colonized understanding of our history, both national & global. I believe that proactively re-educating ourselves around the reality of how we came to be here is a responsibility of any American who desires spiritual development and liberation.

I also believe that this process looks different for each of us, with different subjects, different timelines, and different methods of delivering and receiving the truth we need and are ready for.

We are blessed to walk in the footsteps of truth-tellers of all stripes, who have been speaking out through the lies over millennia; and we are blessed that so much of this material, especially from the more recent past, is now at our fingertips. We are blessed in particular with the work of people of color, queer people, and other marginalized groups, who have experienced the darkness of the truth most directly. They have faced the most ridicule, persecution and death, but held tight to the truth and dared to speak even in the most dark and hopeless times.

Now, many of us are called to speak our own truths, living into the dreams of our ancestors and claiming our birthright as sovereign, empowered creative beings. To do this with integrity, we need to study our heritage, and develop a new narrative based in reality instead of colonial lies. This takes time, effort, discomfort & devotion. It also takes setting an intention.

As I said--this looks different for everyone. That's why the intention is key. Once you decide this is work you need to take on, the right way to start will come to you. You can follow what excites you, what you're passionate about, where you feel like your gifts can truly land, where your light can have the biggest and most authentic impact. Follow your curiosity and go from there.

Remember: YOU are the only authority on your journey towards healing and liberation.

That said, I do believe there are a few subjects that decolonization demands we don't skip. These are:

1) Racism; and the slavery & genocide upon which the US was built

2) Oppression of sexuality & the feminine, specifically within Christianity

3) Capitalism & oppressive class structure (enclosure of the commons)

4) Trauma, the nervous system, epigenetics and the way our cultural wounds manifest in the body

5) Climate & environmental destruction, including the intersection of climate issues with race and class

Since I'm speaking as a hetero white woman

1) Oppression of sexuality. We've all got to start at the root. All of western culture has developed out of a wounded sexuality, a disconnect between mind and body that can be traced back to the toxicity that was generated in Christianity in the early years after Jesus' death; and perhaps even further back to shifts happening in consciousness during Greek & Roman times.