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While potent and transformational messages can absolutely come through in a reading, it's a very different experience to work with your own internal landscape on a regular basis. These extended coaching packages allow us to lean into the complex dynamics of your mind, body and life. You'll learn in real-time how to engage consciously with the psychic, intuitive and energetic realms in order to manifest your exact desires in the 3D. You'll cultivate connections with your spirit guides that will serve you far into the future. Also, as we get to know each other, we'll create a container where the messages can come through even more precisely.

"Hummingbird is incredible. Tuned in, tapped in, and so deeply connected to the powers around us. She’s very good at feeling into other’s intentions and acting as an avenue to allow the intuitive wisdom and collective understanding that surrounds us to flow through... Her nurturing energy helps us ease into this with a feeling of safety and being seen and heard by the entire lineage of ancestors at her back." ~Becca

Extended Coaching Packages

Ready to hop the fence of "readings" and make the invisible world your playground?  One of my absolute favorite ways to work with people is in loose packages, where we can take our time getting to know your inner landscape, and let the guidance emerge naturally with the ups and downs of your life. This coaching work has no specific protocol, no recommended amount of time between sessions; it's simply guided by both our intuitions. I'll bring to the table my unique perspective on the human condition, and my 12+ years of studying energetics, and together with the guides we'll take your ascension process to the next level.

These sessions are available to anyone who has had at least one astrology, tarot or Spark session with me. They're offered only as packages because the intention is that we start to form a relationship. The sessions have no expiration date, and you'll have access to me through email until your final session is complete (within healthy boundaries, of course.) 

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