// extended bio

Hi! I'm Hummingbird Star.


I'm an American spiritual activist, dedicated to furthering the causes of Resistance and Revolution through astrology, art, and all kinds of ideas.

My background and influences include:


  • A degree in Political Communications from Emerson College in Boston

  • Eight years as a devoted practitioner of a Korean mind/body training technique, through which I gained deep personal experience of - and some mastery over - ki/chi/qi energy and the chakra system, and a sense of the principles behind mind/body/spirit interaction

  • A certification in Neurosculpting (TM), a guided meditation technique based around the physiology of the brain. Training to become a facilitator in Neurosculpting includes a deep dive into understanding the brain, its systems, their functions, and the way they interact with each other -- so much of this fascinating perspective underlies my own on our society's current situation and how it can be improved

  • About four years of mainly self-taught astrology, though I am influenced by Eric Francis, Colin Bedell, and Adam Sommer among others. Last fall, I created Activist Astro, which keeps tabs on both the political and personal manifestations of the current astrology, which special focus on the dramatic upcoming US Pluto Return.

  • While by no means extensive, I have some training in and familiarity with tantra and conscious sexuality practices. I have a strong belief that deeply engaging one's own sexual healing process is a pre-requisite to being able to fully embrace any other area of self-growth. While I'm not currently putting out any content on this subject (aside from the occasional AA mention), it informs a lot of my lot of my other opinions, and gets ignored way too often, so I wanted to mention it here.

  • I'm (obviously) also an art model, and I'm hoping to take that work to the next level by pursuing my own own creative visions. I feel there is a HUGE amount of unexplored territory in the realm of modeling/photography, and the possibility for some powerful, subversive art. 

  • My other areas of interest include songwriting (I've got two whole album worth of songs "written," but that only means lyrics and melody); American History; shamanic medicine practices; and writing. I'll be publishing a book entitled "The New Spiritual Pain: a Guide to Self-Growth during the Fall of the American Empire" in early 2020.