I'm Hummingbird. I can't tell you how happy I am that you're here.


If you're like me... your heart is breaking these days, for the Earth, and for the mess humanity is making here. 

You may be an experienced healer, or you may simply know you need to heal. You may be decades into your spiritual journey, or just embracing the idea of something "more" for the first time. You may be deeply educated on colonialism, privilege, racism, patriarchy, etc, or you may have barely dipped a toe into social justice. You may be any color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education level, socio-economic status, or even (dare I say?) political party--but if you're like me, you hear the call loud and clear, echoing through your heart:

We are the ones we have been waiting for.*

And the time is now.


I'm here to walk beside you into the New World...

and maybe, if we're a match, teach you a little bit of what I've learned along the way.


I'm a politicized astrologer, tarot reader, spiritual educator, healer and artist. I've been on a "spiritual path" for about fourteen years, including eight years of deeply committed study in a community centered around the Korean lineage Sundo, where I developed the foundation of my psychic & energetic awareness. Sundo is an ancient mind/body/spirit practice from the mountains of South Korea; the branch I studied with is known in the US as Body & Brain Yoga. During this phase of my journey, I lived a fairly ascetic life and spent most of my time teaching classes, facilitating workshops and seeing private clients for energy work. I cultivated my capacity for self-discipline and learned a TON about the chakra system and human energetics.

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Later astrology beckoned me, and although as a reader I am mostly self-taught, my political astrology is greatly influenced by Eric Francis, who mentored me and supported my development as a writer from 2016-2018. His guidance, along with countless undeniable signs from the universe, led me to create Activist Astro, my astrology project centered around the United States Pluto Return.

Most recently, I've completed a mentorship in Cultural Somatics, a discourse and practice based around the idea that cultural trauma manifests in the body and nervous system. The lens of CS is animist, political and scientific at once, combining emergent understandings in trauma-informed therapy, relational neurobiology, and social justice efforts with various forms of trance and ancestral healing work.

My own emergent modality, somatic metamorphosis, interweaves Cultural Somatics, , and energetic techniqes from Sundo with astrology and tarot to address individual healing on the karmic, ancestral, cultural and personal levels.

I also have bits and pieces of knowledge and experience around sacred sexuality and plant medicines. Perhaps least relevant, I have a BS from Emerson College

in Political Communications.


If you want a little more info on what I believe and where I'm coming from...


I'm white, cis, and hetero (though the truth is that I feel queer at heart.) My ancestors are Irish and English on my mom's side, and Ashkenazi Jews from Austria and Poland on my dad's side. I was raised Jewish, though it wasn't until my first encounter with the plant meds, when I was 21, that I had any concept of spirituality. I was a big loner all through high school. I'm still a super introvert, but I've come a long way in being able to connect with people.

I have a lot of privilege, and I've been on the journey of unpacking that since 2016. That year, volunteering for Bernie Sanders in the spring and spending time at Standing Rock in the fall woke me the fuck up about the deep-rooted corruption in the US government; the existence of the police state; the massive rape of the Earth taking place for oil; and the blatant disregard for bodies of color embedded in our systems.

Undoing my own colonization, and re-educating myself about the realities of racism, patriarchy and the other oppressive systems in which we live, is a lifelong process to which I am committed. I'll never be perfect--but I hold a strong intention to be a safe space for all humans who feel called to work with me. For more on my journey in this area, as well as resources, check out my Self Re-education page. I also offer discounts for BIWOC on all my services; email me at for more info on that.


Over  the past couple of years, I've been studying the astrology of the United States. Sharing what I've learned has landed

hard as my mission.



The essence of it is this: between 2020-2025, a massive reckoning is taking place on Turtle Island. We will be called to face the shadow of the USA in ways we can't imagine. And what we've seen so far is only the beginning.


In my opinion, we are naive and ungrounded if we are writing off the possibility of a nationwide collapse, and a much more violent, heartbreaking manifestation of this country's horrific legacy than has come to light so far.


Yet of course--this is also a time of rebirth. Pluto, the archetype we're working with, is the planet of evolution and transformation. It's about letting go of what's not working and creating something new. In the US, what we've built is racist, sexist, oppressive in many other ways, and destroying the Earth. It is not sustainable. But what's next? What do we replace it with? And how do we make the transition?


My work is intended to help us all lean into the coming apocalypse--and through that process, courageously transmute the darkness into Light.


My favorite metaphor, both for America and for humanity in general, is to think of us all as a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. We are each cells in a much larger organism, and we each have our own role to play in the transformation. Everyone's path looks different--and there's going to be a phase where we're a gooey mess, and it's hard for anyone to see where they're going or tell which way is up.

Here's the amazing thing, though: we each have a blueprint - in our bodies and in our souls - for the metamorphosis. 

2019-11-21 001 228.JPG

My signature work, somatic metamorphosis, was created to help us engage this process.

sm is an invitation into rapid, self-directed, life-affirming healing & transformation on the level of the physical body. Our bodies, after all, are a main battleground in the war being waged against us by colonization and all oppressive systems. They also contain the wounds and trauma of our past, both personal and ancestral.

Moreover, at their core, our bodies are designed to adapt, evolve and SURVIVE.


sm uses a variety of modalities and spiritual medicines to address wounding and oppression in the body. We work with the brain & nervous system, the microbiome, and the chakras & energetic pathways. We also touch the genetic level, both through ancestral healing and through connection to non-human spiritual beings.

sm is my attempt to bridge the worlds of ascension and activism. To do the work that is our karmic task, we cannot bypass the uncomfortable, emotional process of unpacking our privilege and colonization. Yet we also must not get stuck in a paradigm centered around human intellect, when so many other bright, benevolent beings are here to support us.

We need both the angels and the ancestors. We need to face the darkness & call in the Light. This is healing, liberation, and evolution, all rolled into one.


somatic metamorphosis is currently in its early developmental stages. if you'd like to learn more, I've got a whole page devoted to it! I'm currently seeing clients for trial versions of the work by application, and plan to start offering packages in fall of 2020. To stay in the loop, just leave your email below:

Thanks for submitting!

As you may have noticed, I'm also an artist. My creative work has three intentions:

  • to inspire all humans to shine their own Light

  • to bring buried emotions to the surface so we can purify & process them

  • to tell pieces of the infinitely varied human story


My art is a prayer of gratitude for the ancestors, spirit beings, and plain old human emotions that generate it. I get in their way sometimes, but I try to be a clear channel for all their voices.

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I'm only at the beginning of my creative journey, but my work asks to be shared anyway. So, I invite you to treat it as an oracle: if you're ever called, just browse a little bit, and see what kind of messages come through.

(Also, if you're curious about the fab photographers behind these pictures, check out my photog credit page--coming soon!)

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These are times like humanity has never witnessed before. How will we greet them? How will we show up to our spiritual task, the karmic responsibility we never asked for, but which our souls are driven to carry out? It's my hope that we can show up, first of all, together. That's why I feel called to speak so directly about the shadow side of the world today: so we can face it arm in arm, consciously. So we can be coordinated in our approach to it.

So, again, thank you for being here, for resonating, for doing the work. Thank you for having the courage it takes to be alive today, shining your light in a culture that wants to dim it. I see you, and I believe in you, and I'm so so so happy that we're in this together.


*The genealogy of this phrase is important to acknowledge. Although I first heard it in a Nahko song, Barack Obama used it in a speech in 2008; two years before that, novelist Alice Walker published a book entitled "We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Inner Light in a Time of Darkness." In her intro, Walker credits poet June Jordan with originating the phrase in her 1978 "Poem for South African Women." Women of color have always been spiritually ahead of the curve, and I offer the deepest bow of gratitude for the work that has been done before me in these realms.