life story/bio


Hi! I'm Hummingbird :)

I'm an astrologer, a psychic and somatic healer, and an activist living on Turtle Island/in the USA. I use she/her pronouns and identify as a cis white woman. My main project at the moment is Activist Astro, a body of work that bridges astrology with current events from a justice-informed perspective, and centers on the Pluto Return of the USA.  In general - in my content, my private work, and my whole life - you'll find an overlap of politics and spirituality, activism and ascension, the rational and the irrational. I'm here to call out out the bullshit on both sides, and I hope to offer a perspective  that helps us integrate them.

Read on for the general story of me as a human, and my current approach to life. For the full scoop on my "qualifications" and influences, click here.

I'm like my namesake:  tiny, bright, and fierce.  You've been warned.

I grew up on Tutelo land, also known as the New River Valley in southwestern VA. My ancestry is English and Irish on my mom's side, and Ashkenazi Jewish on my dad's. I'm the oldest of three sisters, and I grew up with a lot of privilege, not just from financial stability and my white able body, but also from the fact that my family was loving and functional. My parents both have their masters' degrees in early childhood development, and their ethos towards raising kids was all about teaching us to trust ourselves. Today I recognize that as both a blessing and an inequity, and I hope an invitation towards self-trust is something you experience in all of your interactions with me.


My sisters and me circa 1992. Today I'm the shortest.

My biggest challenge growing up was human connection. For those who get it: I have Saturn rising, Venus retrograde, and I'm a human design projector--my energy does not naturally extend outward.  I struggled with social anxiety and had very few close relationships as a kid and a teenager. I looked semi-successful on the outside, and wasn't exactly miserable on the inside (even now, I thrive on long amounts of time alone), but I definitely wasn't happy. As a high school senior I was the editor of the school newspaper, and I ate my lunches alone in the computer lab as often as I could find an excuse to. I had a few friends (bless them), but I didn't really know what emotional vulnerability was, or what it really meant to connect.

 I went to undergrad at Emerson College in Boston, where I studied political communications. By the time I finished I wanted nothing to do with politics, but I had come through a spiritual awakening generated by a combination of psychedelics, travel, falling in love, and a class on post-colonialism that featured Franz Fanon and woke me up to (as my 21 year old mind put it) "how fucked up the world is".  After graduation, I did a one-eighty and dove into an intense, committed spiritual path.


Me in my "master's" uniform (called bup bok) at a Body & Brain Yoga Center in Denver. It was a very unsexy cult.

From age 22 - 30, I was committed at the "master" level to a Korean spiritual and energetic lineage called DahnHak (they currently operate in the US as Body & Brain Yoga). It was/is a cult, with predatory businesses practices, rigid hierarchy, and a lack of regard for individual autonomy... and, it's an incredibly powerful set of training protocols and principles. Like Christianity, it feels to me like there's a bright light at the center, with a lot of darkness surrounding it.  Although I'm no longer associated with the community or teach the practice, it played a major formative role in my spiritual journey, and gave me years of experience leading classes, facilitating workshops, and doing private energy healing.

You can get all the details about #cultlife over on my influences page. What I want to emphasize here is that despite the negatives in the culture, the majority of my time in those years was basically spent in service and in training. I had my ego shattered hundreds of times by my teachers, developed my capacity for self-discipline, and cultivated a deep and integrated somatic and energetic awareness. More than any special "modality", this foundation is what I bring to client work and to everything I offer. I don't regret the years of my life I gave to the cult because I feel like I paid some heavy spiritual dues, and they're just now starting to come back around.

I left the DahnHak community in the fall of 2015 (after a year-long inner struggle). It's been a wild journey since then to figure out who I  am as an individual, outside of that group context. Astrology has been incredibly beneficial for me in this process as a way of understanding myself and my timelines. I have slowly stepped into a way of doing "business" that feels healthy and even revolutionary, and I've studied other practices and frameworks that are coalescing into something cohesive. And I am so, so grateful for all the amazing humans that have come into my life over the past six years.

In early 2018, I entered a different kind of spiritual initiation. I moved back to my hometown to help take care of my mom, whose fast-progressing, early-onset dementia had begun to be noticeable right around the time I left  the cult. She passed on Sept. 26, 2020. Being a caregiver is one of those things you can't really understand until you've been there, and the past three years have been the hardest of my life.  But healing and love wove their way through the darkness, and my sisters and dad and I are all moving away from the experience as more whole, grateful people.

One thing astrology shows is that we each have our own cosmic timelines, which can't be rushed or bypassed. I had a progressed new moon in 2020, a once-in-thirty-years astrological event that signifies a big start-over. And omg, does it feel that way. As of May 2021, I'll be leaving to Tutelo land to be mobile for a while. It's a dream I've had for years, which is coming true in a more beautiful and abundant way than I could have imagined.  But getting here has involved a lot of dying. Knowing my timelines has helped me lean into my transition with intention, and not waste too much energy trying to speed things up.

the dark side


I'm a Scorpio rising, and what I know about Scorpios is this: they're not here for small talk.

Although I may come across bright and sunny - and bringing joy is a true part of my hummingbird medicine - you will find that most of my content has a pretty heavy focus. I bring attention to systemic oppression often because we need to ground into it, even when we are contemplating "spiritual" topics. And I have been having visions of societal collapse on Turtle Island since 2018. I operate and communicate as if it's coming. If you don't resonate with that, the exit button is at your fingertips.  

Really though - I am inspired by what is buried, what is hidden in our history, our collective nervous system. and our shared subconscious mind. My intention in my art, work and life is to give it voice through safe containers, to shine the light of awareness into the shadows. The more we can face them consciously, the less power they will have to manifest through us as destructive actions. So if you're here for that work - I'm glad we've found each other.

You can find a lot more information about my professional background and influences here, and more about my approach to being a white able-bodied woman with some shred of integrity here.