Neurosculpting® is a guided meditation and visualization protocol designed to work with the nuanced functions of the brain and nervous system. Through five simple steps of brain engagement techniques, Neurosculpting® brings your neural networks into a malleable state, and then supports you in "rewiring" them with stories of your own choosing. It allows you to directly address your blocks, wounds, cultural conditioning and even your karma on a neurobiological, somatic level.

I became a Certified Neurosculpting Faciliator in the fall of 2017 (with about two years of personal practice and prerequisite trainings before then.)  Much of my early education on the brain and nervous system came from NS programs, and my work continues to be shaped by everything I've learned at the Institute. The practice itself never ceases to amaze me with its efficiency and power. Although the protocol itself is typically just a small piece of what I offer to clients, I am available for full-length Neurosculpting sessions with anyone who is called that way!

The Neurosculpting Institute was founded by Lisa Wimberger in Denver, CO. The Institute offers private sessions, public classes and workshops that apply Neurosculpting to many specific life challenges, and a certification/franchisee path with incredible resources for anyone interested in incorporating a healing practice into their professional life. On the website you can also find loads of information on the brain, the nervous system, and the mind/body connection, as well as live and recorded class options. Check them out!