Don't go back to sleep!

Right now a lot of people, who are not directly affected by the crisis (yet), are trying to go back to sleep.⁣

Just like we do after a mass shooting, after a natural disaster, after anything that doesn’t force us personally to change our lives… people are trying to turn away, to go back to numbness, some semblance of familiar “normalcy.”⁣

People in my life, who were one week ago speaking righteously about the importance of distancing, are now cutting lots of corners in the way they’re carrying it out.⁣

People I see online are turning quarantine into memes and jokes, acting as if things are just gonna be like “this” for a while. Memes and jokes are fine, of course, essential even—but the energy I feel, of folks staying blind to what’s coming, is what scares me.⁣

And everyone is just trying to cope. I have to remember that over and over, that even if people don’t mentally understand the reality, their nervous systems do, and they’re scared, and they’re not actually operating at a high frequency at all (even if that’s what their memes talk about.)⁣

But whether I like it or not, it seems like, my role is to keep trying to take the blinders off.⁣

I will get better - I pray - I will develop better “bedside manner” in terms of the harshness of my messaging. I will improve my ability to ease it in to folks’ consciousness instead of slicing sharply.⁣

Yet right now I won’t judge myself for these imperfections, because if even one person sees this and wakes back up, it can make a huge difference.⁣

Spirit please guide us through these terrifying times. Please come to us in dreams and books and songs and yes of course, memes… please forgive us for our blindness and the work we haven’t done. Please help us wake up, again and again.⁣

Please everyone, please… don’t go back to sleep.

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