July 5th, 2021

A rant about “coaches”, healers etc who charge high dollar amounts for services they have little to no experience offering.

Although there is a seed of truth in the “charge what you’re worth” rallying cry, imo it’s basically been twisted into a mantra that helps privileged people bypass the time and effort it takes to develop a mastery of any offering. I’m not talking about a beginner practitioner charging $60/hr after making $20/hr at wage jobs their whole life. I’m talking about the coaches, who yes are mostly white women, who graduate from a certification program or two, do a few practice sessions with family and friends, and then launch themselves charging $150/hr. Or who have never actually had a “six-figure year” themselves as an entrepreneur, but use those words casually in their content as if they can help you get there. There are less extreme examples too, a huge, insidious amount, and it just… grosses me out.

I’ve been an energetic and spiritual practitioner for 14 yrs. My story is for another post, but I definitely have experience. It’s been a long winding road when it comes to finding integrity around what I charge, how I communicate about money with clients, etc. I’m of course not perfect, and I’m VERY early in my process of true entrepreneurship, but I do feel solid about the approach that I’m cultivating towards money. A big piece of that is doing beta-runs of all my offerings, and let myself EXPERIENCE the value of an offering to my clients before I charge anyone the full price for it.

Charging $100, $150, $250+++/hr in late-stage capitalism is a very iffy moral edge to navigate. The demographic I feel frustrated with are mostly the coaches who had plenty of money before they decided to become “entrepreneurs”. Maybe thru family, or a spouse with a good job, or their own cushy jobs in “corporate” or tech or finance, they are used to having access to the spaces where resources are concentrated. In the tech or finance worlds, those hourly rates I named are cheap. It makes sense that folks might want to work with their own communities… but lots of these coaches also like to say they care about justice, or even dismantling capitalism, lol. Really? Who are you serving? Who can afford your services?

And also…. just bc you used to make that amount of money working for a corporation doesn’t mean that…… you are actually worth that much. Sorry.

To charge those kinds of rates with integrity in today’s world, you need to be really fucking good at what you do. And basically, you can’t get good at anything until you fucking DO IT. You can’t develop mastery as any kind of practitioner without years of practice. Imo, if people pay you more money than you’re spiritually qualified to make—that’s bad karma. And if you’re not actually making money, but talking on Instagram like you have a full clientele… it’s just… I’m psychic. I can see you. I don’t know what else to say.

Although there are a hundred other directions I could go in, I think this is the end of this particular rant.

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