somatic metamorphosis

Our bodies contain both the wounds and traumas of our past, and the blueprint for a more vibrant, life-affirming future. They are a microcosm of the Earth, and of the collective human experience. Any attempt at healing or spiritual growth that doesn't involve the body is inherently incomplete.

Moreover, our bodies are a main battleground in the war being waged against us by the forces of colonialism, capitalism, misogyny, racism & all other oppressive systems. True liberation from these destructive entities is only possible when we engage them on a physical level. Somatic metamorphosis is about getting free in the most fundamental way.

We can think of humanity as a caterpillar, with all the information, the potential, and the literal DNA of a butterfly dormant inside us. Each of us humans is one cell in the organism. We each have our own role to play in the coming transformation.

And the work starts in the body.

Watercolor Butterfly 7

Somatic metamorphosis is a journey we take together. Using your astrology as a framework and the tarot to keep us spiritually aligned, together we'll explore the layers of your internal landscape: mental, psychological, energetic, cultural, ancestral, and of course physical. Then, once we have the lay of the land, we'll use a tailor-made combination of powerful somatic techniques to consciously work with areas in the psyche you desire to upgrade. 

Techniques I use:

  • A wide variety of energetic training methods from the Korean Sundo tradition, including energy sensitivity practices, breathwork and breathing postures, vibration and body-tapping, and other exercises designed to balance and optimize the chakra system

  • Cultural Somatics, an interactive modality based on relational neurobiology, ancestral healing work, and animism

  • Verbal somatic identification, my original technique that roots the mind into the body, shining a direct light on the causes and character of any blockage

Places we'll go (as needed):

  • Your childhood and life up until now--habits you've developed, traumas that have shaken you, and the narrative you've cultivated

  • Your blood ancestry, tapping into both familial and cultural trauma and conditioning, and finding resourced spirits and traditions to support you

  • Your energetic karma--in other words, your past lives (very different from your current blood lineage) and the way they've influenced your chakras & energy field

  • Your current cultural conditioning, specifically internalized racism, misogyny, homophobia & transphobia

  • Your passions and callings, exploring how you can show up most authentically and live out your role in the metamorphosis

Of course, it would be impossible to cover all that ground, even in an extended series of sessions. Instead--I'll meet you where you're at, and together we'll follow Spirit's breadcrumbs through your universe, incorporating the challenges and miracles that come through in your life as we're working together, and using our joint intuition to feel into our next steps.

Throughout the series, you'll have 24/7 access to me through text and email (within healthy boundaries, of course.) We'll come up with "homework" and daily practices that fit into your schedule and your unique needs. I'll recommend specific herbs, medicinal mushrooms, crystals and more to support you on the journey (at times, I'll also recommend other practitioners to take you deeper into certain areas of the work.) Of course, all the recommendations are 100% optional, as the ultimate priority of somatic metamorphosis is establishing your personal sovereignty, and helping you develop trust in your intuition. That sensitivity will eventually become your lifeline to the ongoing process of transformation.


My somatic metamorphosis work is for individuals who are ready for deep and complete transformation of body, mind and spirit. It's for people who have already "done some work." It might be for you if:

This experience is not for the faint of heart.

  • You can take responsibility for your own emotions

  • You have some experience with somatic awareness

  • You have some experience with self-regulation of your nervous system

  • You're willing to look deeply at yourself when it comes to edgy subjects like racism and sexual oppression

  • You're confident in your own self-disciplinary capacities

  • You understand that transformation and healing are truly lifelong processes, which these sessions are simply giving you tools, experiences and narratives to carry out on your own

If you are newer to the spiritual path, somatic metamorphosis may not be the best starting point for you. I recommend checking out my ascension services as a way of easing into self-awareness. If you're super clear about a story you want to transform, another option is a single Neurosculpting session

Naturally, sm is iterative, and it is just at the very beginning of emerging into the world. This page is a "working description" of something I'm sure will go through multiple expressions over time.

However, I do plan to begin offering these sessions in packages beginning in fall 2021. If you want to stay in the loop as sm evolves (and maybe get early dibs on the big discounts I'll give to the first two or three clients), be sure to leave your email below!

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In the meantime, check out my self-reeducation page for resources to help you liberate your belief systems and subconscious narratives, or my ascension services to learn about private work I'm offering currently.