tarot reading

The tarot is a language with roots in ancient systems of divination, including numerology and astrology. Many modern readers have built on the foundation of the traditional tarot, creating decks and symbols that can speak even more precisely to the issues we face today. Whether we are aware of them or not, we've all got ancestors, angels, and other spirit guides watching and protecting us from the other side of the veil. The cards give them a chance to deliver their messages. They also give us a chance to ask questions, and cultivate a connection the spiritual support system around us.

"Hummingbird’s reading came into my life at the most divine moment. When we began she asked me to share about my life in this moment, yet the one big thing I didn’t speak on was THE topic that clearly came through the cards. The clarity I received from her internal guidance was pure magic. She knew exactly when to get more details from the cards and when to let it sit with me. She was able to intuitively tune into the message and deliver it in a way that I could receive and nurture. I highly recommend a session with Hummingbird and her unique gifts she offers the world. ~Cassandra

Recorded Readings

A recorded reading

is an affordable way to

give yourself a quick dose

of spiritual medicine. 

You can ask a specific question, or just request a general read on

your life. As long you're ready

for an honest but empowering message, the guides

will do the rest!

20-30 minute general reading: $33

25-35 minute relationship reading: $44

30-40 minute astro/tarot reading: $55

Live Readings

The intention of

these readings is to

help you engage with Spirit.

I use a combination of decks, and bring to the table my cultivated intuition and a wide-ranging perspective on the human condition. But ultimately,

the session is a conversation

between you and your guides,

a chance to get specific with

all your questions

and curiosities.

60 minute live tarot reading: $88

75 minute live astro/tarot reading: $111