the Spark

the Spark

True transformation demands that, like the phoenix, we allow for continuous death and rebirth within ourselves. There is always something to release, always something to call in.

Ready to light yourself on fire?

The Spark is a 75-minute session designed to generate an immediate, embodied transformation somewhere in your life. We'll use your astrology as a framework and the tarot cards to get a precise message from your guides. Then we'll create a customized somatic meditation that zeroes in on the shift you're ready to make, and takes it from the realm of thought into the cells and neural pathways of reality.

Are we healing deep trauma here? Probably not. But somewhere in both your mind and body there's a story that's ready to be released, and a new narrative waiting to be written. The Spark is a dose of light and healing right where you need it most.

You'll leave with new insight into your current challenges and life lessons, as well as affirmation on how you've grown and the ways you're shining your light. Plus, you'll get an audio recording of your tailor-made 15-minute Neurosculpting meditation, so you can keep reinforcing the new reality you've chosen on an embodied level.

the Spark is offered at an introductory price of $77 for all new clients*.

If it's your first time working with me, this is where I highly recommend to start. You'll get a taste of the multi-faceted tools, training and perspectives I bring to the table--and, you'll get a fast shift in your spiritual, emotional and physical reality.

Here's what people are saying...

My experience was truly life changing. Before the session I was really focused on proving myself to others but now I’m doing FAR more things that align with my mission and vision for my life and activate joy. Hummingbird was friendly and fun and easy to flow with. I recommend this kind of session to anyone who’s ready for a notable shift in their life, and are committed to doing the follow-up work to strengthen the catalyzing shift that will likely occur in the session (even magic asks for us to revisit it from time to time.)


My session was so insightful and grounding. Hummingbird held such a calm space and the information she shared brought so much clarity for the situations I was facing in my life. I didn’t understand why I was struggling so much with my interpersonal relationships, but the astrology affirmed all the life lessons I was learning, and the guided meditation we went into was so powerful and helped me move through a lot of stuck energy that wanted to be cleared. Now I feel like I can move through obstacles with grace.


I also offer full-length astrology & tarot readings, psychic & energetic coaching, and somatic metamorphosis packages. If you're called to go deeper after a Spark session, we can discuss the most aligned next steps for you. You are also welcome to drop back for another Spark anytime you need an extra burst of fire!

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*after the introductory offer, Spark sessions are $111. Discounts are available on all my services for trans/nonbinary folks & BIWOC: email me at for more information.