facing our national shadow and leaning into liberation during the Pluto Return of the USA

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 we are the ones we've

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Our executive branch is collapsing in front of our eyes. Hate, bigotry and violence are on the rise and the viewpoints that lead to them are becoming normalized. Natural disasters are also increasing, as our government's capacity to respond to them shrinks.


The timing of this transit, and the energies we're working with, are unavoidable. Yet how they will manifest is still unwritten. The shadow potentials are very, very dark--but there is also the possibility for healing and transformation on a deep fundamental level. It is our job to look at the darkness and transmute it into Light.

The United States is facing a

cosmic reckoning.

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The rotten foundations of the entity we call "America" are finally crumbling.  And according to the astrology, we haven't seen anything yet. Over the next five years, we'll be called to face the shadow of this country like never before. 

Are you HERE for this?

Then join us, as we lean into liberation & transformation, facing the death & rebirth of the USA head-on and heart-forward.

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It represents a high-stakes, transformative moment for anyone who identifies as an American. It's also a call to face our collective shadow--a call the universe is unlikely to let us ignore.


is a super-rare astrological occurrence that reaches its peak approximately between 2020 & 2025.

What is that shadow?

It's the legacy of slavery and genocide that took root when the first colonizers from western Europe arrived here, and which was formalized on July 4th, 1776. 

These roots mean that the systems and institutions of this country were rotten from the beginning--and what we are seeing now is their inevitable collapse. Donald Trump is only the wrecking ball.

However, cosmic law does not allow hate and destruction to win in the long run.

This particular transit - the first since the USA was "born" - involves Pluto, an archetype related to evolution, death & rebirth, transformation. Pluto always asks us to let go of what isn't working and create something new. Like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, we must let go of familiar but unhealthy societal structures, toxic belief systems and internalized oppression, and unite in birthing a whole new way of living on this land and making right the atrocities of the past.

In the workshop, we'll look at the astrological archetypes at play right now, and the ways they're manifesting, both hopeful and tragic. Then we'll talk about how to lean into this reckoning on the collective, communal, and individual levels. We'll finish with a somatic meditation to ground us into our own bodies, and into solidarity with one another.


We cover some heavy subject matter--but you'll leave this experience with resources to process it and begin to integrate it into your reality. The astrology is helpful because it gives us a timeline, as well as a way to understand the energies we're working with. It also validates a sense so many of us have: that we are the ones we've been waiting for; that the time is now. The deeper we accept that truth, the more we can stand in our power no matter what crisis comes.

The question is...

are we up to the challenge?


The Pluto Return of the USA


Facing this shadow is a sacred, karmic responsibility.

If you're ready to call it yours, come gather with us.

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Hi! I'm Hummingbird. I'll be your facilitator in this conversation, and hopefully, your co-creator in the revolution. I'm sharing this information so we can engages these times more consciously.

The reality is that people of color, queer folks and members of other marginalized groups have been doing the Pluto work of this country since the beginning. Even the phrase "we are the ones we've been waiting for" has its origin in movement spaces led by people of color: it's the title of 2006 book by Alice Walker, a song by Sweet Honey in the Rock released in 1998, and can be traced back to a poem by June Jordan in 1978. Energetically, it's only because of the efforts of these marginalized groups to hold the Light in darkness that the USA hasn't already collapsed.


What Pluto will ask of us in the coming years is essentially what transformative justice movements already work towards everyday--it's just that the pace will intensify. So I want to acknowledge that I am not a leader in this area. But as an astrologer, a healer, and a soul hungry for liberation--I am here to name the timing and energies we face because they are an opportunity for justice to manifest on Turtle Island like never before.

I've been studying astrology for about six years, and my background includes over over a decade of work as an energy healer & mind/body training facilitator. I also hold a bachelor's degree in Political Communications from Emerson College. More recently I've been cultivating my psychic abilities as a tarot reader and channel, and learning about trauma, the brain & nervous system, and ancestral healing. I share lots more about myself here.


The workshop is truly as much ceremony as education, because the psychic territory we'll approach is volatile. My intention is to create a space of mindfulness and somatic awareness, and to invite in the protection and support of the invisible world as we begin these discussions. So come prepared to go deep in our time together.

At the same time, I believe that levity, pleasure and outright celebration are our responsibilities in the Pluto work--this is how we hold the Light. So you can also expect music, movement, laughter & love to cushion the shadow work.


We're all in this together, loves.

Let's remember why we came here... and let's talk about it.




workshop tour 2020

This tour has obviously been postponed due to the beginning of the US Pluto Return! Stay in touch to hear when it launches:

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